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This is what is left of the quickly deflated, and defunct "Neglected" project.

Damond Jiniya (Savatage, Diet of Worms) and producer Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez (Lover of Sin, Diet of Worms)


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Strange Times

I am twisted up like paper
I remember the last time I burned
With everything that has been considered
Don’t you think that it's time to learn?
The fate we make is at our own risk
To risk we must to co exist.

We are
The new future
We love
The lies you've sold
We want
You to join us
Give up your soul

Truly gifted no belief in
Jesus sometimes we feel lost.
If I'm not listening I choose not to
Hear because the answer's lost.

We give too much to conversation
When the reason has no point

Impression, depression, expression of a time where the media sells us our minds.
Decision, reason, oblivion these are strange times.

Killing Yourself

Wait for me to catch up to you
I think I see what I'm supposed to
It's hard to be with someone like me
To be mistaken seriously

Wait before you answer me back
Think about the way you act
I understand what you don’t hear
The words you say make things to clear

Take me away, to where you’re coming from
I can't save, you from killing yourself

Hate's becoming the perfect answer
I long to see how we will dance
Around the waste of words we mangled
Existing for our final chance

You say your broken emotions have you
I will be content to move
Away from your isolation
I'll take away your bad mood

Fly away from everything
Die if you know what you think


I went to the wrong side first
Looking for God
I slept under bridges with graffiti that said
"Rise above it all"
The places life has taken me
It’s a wonder I'm still alive
But tonight has a place for us
The Air is thick with light

Every mistake is forgotten
As long as you forget
Tomorrow has a hole in it to let
The victims in

If you survive long enough to learn you
May never find the journey is blind to your eyes
Memories burning their images into the flesh
Scars you can’t see are coming from me tonight

I met a lady named Sadie today
She sold me some designs
She came from a wealthy family
But now she's left behind
A prodigal meeting of understanding
Led me into her eyes
I'm still having nightmares of her
Emanating light

Tonight we forget what we've started
Underneath the past regret
This could be last day we believe
In anything


Tear apart your photographs
The truth is no longer seen
Write it on my epitaph
"To many people, I was many things."
The evidence is buried
In time capsules underground
The integrity that we believe
Is sold to us in bursts of sound
The concept of your own ideas
Is as dated as our modern art
The things that we don't understand
We feel free to tear apart
Believe the propaganda
Make a name that can
Kill each other for the fame
Steal someone else’s brand.

Don’t believe
If you don't need proof
Just belong to the life your used to

Selling swindles to the masses
Carbon copies of us all
Manipulate the images
More money for the cause
Example makes the world conform
The latest thing's lie
Look closer at the messages
You're wearing a disguise
Speak a language you don't understand
Wear a name as if it was your own
Express the ideas a corporate mind
Who sells rebellion like it's gold
Model your new uniform
For the friends that dress the same
Dali said that "art is dead"
But for the greedy it's a game.


You'd think my faith for experience would have me
Stronger than I am
The way these days keep changing me lately I don't know
If I'll be back again

I need another line to say I 'm sorry
For the things that I'm about to do tonight

Hold me even though our bodies have become numb
Tonight we need someone to take this all away
So at least we feel OK
Right now I hope tomorrow never comes..

Sometimes I ride the trains across the desert
I always find a way
I sleep when I am hungry and exhausted
I dream of you every day

I have a picture of your little sister
They stole the only one I had of you

I hope I get the chance to say I'm sorry
For the lost soul I turned into overnight

I thumbed my way to Phoenix, Arizona
Just to say goodbye
I got myself just as far as I was supposed to
I called, they said you died


If I go out tonight
I'm coming home in a body bag
You can remember me
Being wrapped around a tree
My pockets lined with drugs
I wish you were here with me
I got my chambers loaded
The worlds a target for my memory

I travel into darkened places
Signs let me I know I'm in control
I have you now to leave behind me
This has gone as far as we can go

I'll let the trees guide me
The roads a basket I will weave
It's like a video game
Where obstacles get in your way
I want to rub one out I miss
The fun we could create
You cannot not bring me in
I'm pointed towards my destiny

I have your locket in my pocket
I will have it on me when I'm found

They say I wanna die
I'm just trying to believe in something
I have your self-control
That's why I'm speeding and drinking
My gun is to my head
The sensation of the cold steel
With your loving memory
I'm feeling safe behind the wheel


Make your decision
So I don't have to read between the lines
If you possess the vision
All you need is an open mind
If you listened
Maybe things would be better now
Every wish I made I take them back
To use them somehow

Streets of shame
Polluted water
Unclean thoughts
There was no future

I've settled for this
Distorted miscommunication
You deserve respect
But now you need some competition
I'm just like the rest
Always dreaming but never thinking
There's nothing I miss
Swimming to shore from a
Ship that's sinking


Hope is the dream of a waking man
And we are sleeping most of the time
Those who lack courage find philosophy
To justify their life

Truth tickles me but if I laugh eagerly
I receive no real meaning
The body is a grave where the soul is buried
Underneath our feelings

The World is beautiful. With a disease called man
Sleep little slices of death I've always prayed for them

Emotion has unusable answers to problems
We can hardly solve
Lunatics have founded religions
Started cultures and modern thought
A true visionary finds inspiration
At any given price
Prayer, wine, friend, fiend, virtue, or vice

In the saddest of times our consolation
Is creating newer lives
Overcrowding the streets with over population
Our children become our demise


All lyrics and music copyright 2004 D.O.W. Productions